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Christmas Not My Favorite Time of Year

Let’s see. I believe it’s been well over six months since I last wrote on my blog. I’ve been a busy girl. Sold my house. Was “our” house, but since he so willingly gave it up in the divorce I made payments for over a year then decided to sell and down size. Did I share the money with him? Are you kidding? Actually, there was a moment when I realized I was going to make twice what we bought the house for that I offered to share if he would help finish all the projects he had started and left. I think he wanted to, but he admitted his girlfriend told him he wasn’t allowed to talk to me let alone be around me. Too funny. So, I did what any ex wife would do. I did what I could to the inside and focused on our beautiful yard. And the realtor was sure that the yard was a major selling point. It was on the market two days and I got two offers. It was stressful doing everything myself, but I learned a lot. After the sale I bought something smaller with two lots and paid cash. No house payments!! It’s all mine. It’s not the big house I had, but just knowing I own it and don’t owe a dime has allowed me to sleep at night. This is not where I want to be forever, but it’s perfect for now.

Thanksgiving with my kids in Rapid City was wonderful. A house full of my kids and grandkids. It was just what I needed. You see Thanksgiving with my ex was always a full house. In order to allow the kids to go to their in laws we had Christmas at Thanksgiving. We decorated the tree upstairs and one downstairs. We feasted on great food, played games, watched movies and opened presents. Then everyone was off and the ex and I spent Christmas with his family on the reservation. It was perfect. It worked for everyone. Anyway, when we separated and then divorced all the holiday spirit just left me. Thanksgiving was harder then Christmas. That first year I stayed home and didn’t go anywhere. Christmas I helped at our local art center. That’s me on Santa’s lap looking happier then I felt inside. This year I spent Christmas alone…had invitations, but just wanted to decorate the house and think about my future. I got the house decorated, but not sure I made any future plans.

I can’t believe it’s already March. Three more months of school then what? I’m optimistic that something good is coming my way. Not sure what, but I’m going to be ready for it.


  1. Divorce is tough. I’m a life long bachelor but I can relate. There were relationships I had with women that I definitely did not want to end. But I was always a dreamer and therefor a bad bet. But I think you’re headed in the right direction. Good luck.

    Guy Hogan
    April 12th, 2010